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If you are in the market for the ultimate home-integrated system, let Nu Sound Concepts give you the home engineered for tomorrow's technology.

For clients who require more than a home theater, we offer custom designed home-integration packages. Imagine being able to control nearly every aspect of your house from a single keypad that rests in the palm of your hand. Or, be able to enjoy your entire video or music library remotely from your yacht in the Caribbean. And while you relax on your yacht, you'll be still be able to control your house's indoor and outdoor lights, temperature settings, program your TiVO remotely and watch your security cameras back home—all from a single console. And should you feel the need to catch up on some work, all of your digital files will always be at your fingertips. There are no limitations when it comes to the services that Nu Sound Concepts can offer. That's because we have assembled a team technical experts to give you the kinds of digital freedom that you've only dreamed about. Today, we can make those dreams a reality for you.

Top-Notch Security
At Nu Sound Concepts, we take security issues very seriously. That's why we take extra measures to insure that your system cannot be infiltrated by malicious hackers or unwanted visitors. When you install a system designed by Nu Sound Concepts, we make sure your data is secure and stays secure no matter how you access it. Whether you are looking for military-grade security features or just some added protection, we have the security options that will suit your needs.